Revolving Door

30mm diameter - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
$275 USD

I've only been back to Greece for about two and half weeks, but it's already felt like there's been a revolving door of people coming through town. When I arrived, one long time friend was already here, and she was quickly followed by another friend, then a client for a private lesson (yes, I do those too, contact me for details). One of my man's friends "from back in the day" came for a visit, who I'd never met, then two more friends breezed into town for a few days. Don't worry, I've not been putting all these people up in my tiny flat! However, it doesn't end there; next week Kosta's daughter arrives, and in couple weeks two of my besties come. So it's been hectic since I arrived, and abuzz with lots of socializing! 

One door that IS closing, rather than revolving, is the door on the special launch discount for my new online Elevated Mosaic Jewelry course with Mosaic Arts Online. Use coupon code ELEVATED20 during checkout to get $20 off the course until midnight PST Sunday June 16. Also if you purchase Smalti Mosaic Jewelry at the same time, you get a whopping $40 off that course as well. If you are new to mosaic jewelry, my Smalti Mosaic Jewelry is a great place to start, and Elevated Mosaic Jewelry takes it to the next level. So consider this your LAST CALL!

It's going to be very strange when my revolving door here settles down in mid July, but there's always a surprise visitor or two to keep me on my toes.