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Playing Favourites

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Probably the most commonly asked question I get regarding my travel is "What's your favourite (country, food, city, etc)?"

That's a really complicated question. After 50 countries, some have which have changed so much since I first started travelling, I don't think picking a favourite is possible. Don't get me wrong, there are places I love and return to time and time again (looking at you, Santorini), but that doesn't necessarily make them a favourite.

I guess I'm just not good at, nor see the point of ranking things like this. For example, I loved all five of the Balkan countries I recently visited, all for different reasons. I deliberately didn't see everything so I now have a good excuse to return. Some places I simultaneously love and hate (Bangkok). Sometimes why I like a place has nothing to do with the place itself, but the people I met there or an experience I had (Volte…

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