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18mm by 13mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver Email for Purchase Info After over a year of having very little to look forward to, I hope I don't jinx it by saying I finally feel like I can look ahead with tentative hopefulness. There are a number of things on my horizon, both personally and professionally. I've learned—even more than I already had as a nomad—to roll with the punches this year. I wouldn't exactly say I do this easily, but I CAN do it.  I have two upcoming shows this summer, one that I'm jurying, one that I am featured in, and I'm cautiously anticipating that both of them will have an official opening or closing, though I probably need to start hunting now for a mask to match my outfit. I still have work to make for one of these shows, a commission to get on, and there's always jewelry to be made. I have committed to designing some new online workshops, and I have an upcoming livestreamed interview for which to prep (I'll send out details o

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