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20mm round- Mosaic gold, filati, millefiori in sterling silver Email for Purchase Info

Like many people, I tend to enter each new year full of hope and desires for self improvement. What else would you expect from a person who called this blog Mosaic a Day! But also like most people, I tend to start out with the best intentions, and then this thing called life happens, and the habit doesn't stick. I recently read that the familiar "it takes 21 day to form a new habit" is completely wrong, and while some people can create new habits in as little as 18 days, some people take up to 250! Yikes! The average, apparently, is a less scary sounding 66 days. More importantly, the habit needs to be measurable, doable, specific, and it's a good idea to have someone hold you accountable. So for example, rather than saying you'll never eat out, you're more likely to succeed if you decide to cook one more healthy meal at home each week, and tell someone that you plan to do t…

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