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16mm diameter - Mosaic gold in sterling silver Email for Purchase Info
It seems like the whole world is waiting right now. Some are waiting to see loved ones. Some are waiting (and fighting!) for change. Some are waiting for life to start moving again. Some are waiting for business to pick back up, some to find work, some for holidays. Some are patient. Some are frustrated. 
I am not immune to this. My "normal" life came to a screeching halt in March. When I left Australia bound for Canada instead of Greece as intended, I figured it would be a couple months before I could plan again. There is no ability to plan in sight, three months in. The pause button has been well and truly depressed on the cassette player of my life.
So I too wait, wait to be free to travel again, to go see my love, to reconnect with friends in far off lands. 
What are YOU waiting for?
(BTW, if you are tired of waiting and want to learn something new, I highly recommend checking out Mosaic Arts Online, which …

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