Evening Bliss

30mm by 30mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
$295 USD

I am so thrilled to be back in Greece, despite our current heat wave that is keeping me indoors enjoying my air conditioner. I've decided to commit to regular exercise, including getting 10, 000 steps a day, so my morning walk has turned into an early evening one, as the temperature drops a couple necessary degrees after the sun goes behind the mountain. I snapped the first picture right around the time that was happening. 

That time of day, just before and just after sunset, is really pretty magical. There remain a few diehards on the sunbeds on the beach, but most tourists have returned to their hotels and have now freshened up for dinner. The bars get lively with folks enjoying a happy hour cocktail before meandering to a leisurely dinner. the restaurants start to receive the evening diners. The moon rises from the sea. 

The piece above is part of my new Elevated Mosaic Jewelry online course with Mosaic Arts Online. The learning concept in this piece is how to work with focal points, and how to do a gradient on a diagonal. Each of the 6 projects has one or more techniques for making your own mosaic jewelry, and they build on each other. For a couple more days, you can receive $20 off the regular price of the workshop using coupon code ELEVATE20 during checkout. 

And if you would like to experience that magical time in Santorini yourself, there are still spaces available in my Santorini Shag Rug Mosaics workshop, running from September 8-14, 2024. September is an amazing month to be here, the sea is at its warmest, the sun—harsh in July and August—has softened. Also, I'm planning on releasing my 2025 dates soon, so if you want to be on the mailing list to be the first to know, drop me a line. 

And in a few hours, as the sun goes down, my walking shoes will go on...