Waiting for the Sunsets

65mm by 20mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
$325 USD

I've been busily preparing for my Santorini workshop coming up in less than two weeks, but surprisingly, the weather is simply not cooperating. Usually by now in Santorini we have bright blue skies, barely a cloud in them, and MAYBE one more rain shower to go through before nearly four months of dry heat. Nope. No such luck. These last two months here have been more akin to Greek winter than Greek spring, with lots of cloud, cool temperatures, and so...much...rain. Not only is this slowing down my preparations, but the poor tourists right now have come hoping for a beach holiday and they are sorely let down! And of course, all this cloud means there is pretty much nothing in the way of sunsets either. Sigh. 

If you can't make it to Santorini for a live workshop with me (surely the weather will be better by June!), I have two online workshops available through Mosaic Arts Online. And through May 28, ALL their workshops, including my Smalti Mosaic Jewelry and Shag Rug Mosaics are 10% off. Simply use code SPRING23 in the coupon box during checkout to receive your discount.