Authenticity (plus 2023 Santorini Mosaic Workshop Dates)

28mm by 7mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
$220 USD

So my planned workshop in Santorini for this year unfortunately didn't receive enough interest to go ahead. Naturally, I am disappointed about this, though given the state of air travel in Europe and the number of bags just disappearing into some luggage void and never arriving, perhaps having a number of people coming from abroad and depending upon suitcases arriving promptly was not going to go as well as desired. I did however receive lots of interest for 2023, and learned a great deal about what offering a workshop here entails.

One of the things that became clear to me is that I was trying to follow a destination workshop model—one with included accommodation—that doesn't really fit for Santorini. Many of the workshops abroad take place in destinations that while fabulous to go to, might not be a destination one would choose if not attending the workshop. Santorini is not that kind of destination though, it's currently the darling of the travel world, seemingly on everyone's bucket list. As such, no one coming to the workshop wanted to leave their nearest and dearest behind, which started making the workshop accommodation arrangements no longer feasible. I comprehended I was needing to look at a workshop model that didn't include accommodation, so people could choose what they wanted. 

But a venue was still a problem, as the accommodation was also to function as the location for the workshop. So I put on my thinking cap, and while wearing it, realized something else. The workshop location of Megalochori that I had picked for 2022 isn't MY Santorini. It's a beautiful traditional town, but unless I'm hitting my favourite winery there, or visiting friends, I never go there. It's not a place I know like the back of my hand like I do my village. MY Santorini is Perissa. It's not got the stunning cliff views of other main tourist towns, but it has a really cool black beach, numerous good restaurants, low key night life, and decent transportation to the rest of the island. While not as centrally located as Megalochori, I think it offers more on it's own, and it's truly easy to get to other places from here. Around the time I was trying to figure this out, a buddy of mine brought a group of coworkers here, and while they liked visiting the famous tourist areas of Santorini, they were were all glad they had stayed in Perissa. I realized that if I'm inviting people to MY island, it make much more sense to bring them to the place where I know all the details, all the people, and where my recommendations and suggestions come from a place of authenticity and love.

And just like that, the venue became obvious. The workshops—yes, I plan two!—will be held on the rooftop terrace of my boyfriend's restaurant, Sirocco, literally what my front door opens onto. Before I became a nomadic mosaic artist, I used to have a teaching studio that was just out my back door, so to now be teaching just outside my front door is a like coming full circle. 

This changed format allows participants to have the ultimate flexibility to come with a spouse, their family, a friend, or solo. They can stay where they want, either in Perissa or further afield and commute however they like. Perissa is flat as well, so is more ideal for folks with any knee or hip issues. 

So I'm pleased to announce my new and improved Santorini workshops: now with even more authenticity! 

Mosaic Jewelry: June 3-10, 2023
Shag Rug Mosaic/Smalti Mosaic: Sept 10-16, 2023

Details available here