Sunsets Never Get Old

45mm by 15mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
$275 USD

Watching sunsets is something I do pretty much as often as I can. It honestly never gets old. Santorini is of course famed for it's sunsets, though I don't think one has to go all the way to Oia to enjoy it (where you'd be enjoying it with thousands of others packed into the streets). I prefer to find a cafe on the cliff edge, overlooking the caldera—the volcanic crater formed by the eruption 3600 years ago that created the iconic Santorini views—and watch from there. 

I saw this pretty great one in April, shortly after arriving on Santorini, and this piece is based on this particualar sunset. If you would like to see such stunning vistas, and create your own mosaics on Santorini, there are still spaces in my upcoming workshop.