16mm by 16mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
$165 USD

So a couple weeks ago I found myself on a ferry to Syros. Now Syros isn't a Greek island I had always dreamed of visiting, but visiting there made one dream come true: permanent residency in Greece. As of May 19, I am able to stay here indefinitely. I do plan to keep up my nomadic ways to a degree, particularly now that travel is getting easier, but now I don't have to count my days in and out of the country, which was one of the more annoying aspects of having a relationship with a man here the past few years. 

Syros was a lovely island though, with a charming harbour front, and a number of attractive colonial buildings. Compared to my sometimes scruffy village of Perissa, it was terribly gentile. Having only one specific thing to do (the appointment at immigration), I then spent the rest of my time wandering from cafe to bar to restaurant, drinking coffee, wine, eating, and reading at a pace of a book a day. It's been some time since I've just whiled away a day or two in that fashion. I felt very Greek! 

The lovely harbour front

Very little is better than a freddo cappucino while looking at some water

In less good news, registrations for my Santorini workshop are going VERY slowly. I'm getting nervous that I will have to cancel shortly if I don't get more uptake. So if you are considering coming, but haven't yet contacted me, please do drop me a line, even if you haven't decided for sure yet. And I'd be ever so grateful if you'd share the workshop with anyone you know who might be interested.