Full Circle

16mm diameter - Mosaic gold, smalti in sterling silver
$150 USD

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Over the past couple of years, this day has come to have a rather different meaning for me than being Irish for a day. Two years ago today, I arrived in Canada at the start of the pandemic, not knowing what the future held nor how long I would be here. These past two years have impacted me in more ways than I think even I recognize. Everyone has been through hardship. Everyone's lives were uprooted. Probably my hardest thing to cope with has been not being able to plan.

Yet, now I sit in an airport, two years to the day of when I arrived. Yes, I have managed to get to Greece in each of 2020 and 2021 (and some side trips within Europe in 2021), but those were visits to my beloved, not a true returning to my nomadic life. This time feels different; I have a feeling that normalcy—at least my weird version of normal—is returning. Checking in for my flight was not the ordeal of previous pandemic flights, in fact, I don't think I've had many smoother check in experiences, even pre pandemic. I have the sense of having come full circle.

This time, also, I am leaving for an indefinite amount of time. I don't know precisely when I'll be returning to Canada, much to my sister's sadness, and mine too in many ways, to be honest. I've always known that my nomadic life means I'm perpetually homesick, no matter where I am. It's the blessing and the curse of having homes and loved ones in so many places. And now, I have a loved one in Greece, and if all goes well, I'll be getting Greek residency this spring. Wish me luck!

Hmmm, St. Patrick's Day may be a particularly appropriate day to embark on journeys, methinks, what with all the luck wishing.