65mm by 20mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver

Ostensibly, Blythe and I chose to visit Naples because of the fabulous history, the National Archaeological museum, the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and the easy access to the Amalfi Coast. But let's be honest here, we actually went to put delicious food into our mouths as many times a day as our stomachs could handle.

I've eaten in a LOT of countries, had food all over the world. While I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite cuisine over all (because why the heck should one have to choose that?), I will say that the food in Naples was hands down some of the best I've ever had. Delicious pasta, ridiculously good pastries, charcuterie boards to die for...oh, and did I mention it's the birthplace of PIZZA? Eating like professional athletes carb loading for the big race, we quickly—and wisely—settled into a rhythm of one meal of pizza, one meal of pasta per day, plus snacks if we could handle it. 

Snacks! Sfogliatta (flaky pastry filled with ricotta and dried fruit) and an Aperol Spritz

The ragu that started the carb fest

The pastas and snacks were dreamy, but the pizza in Naples is an art form. They take their pizza so seriously that menus list whether or not a pizza is D.O.C: Denominazione di Origine Controllata. This means the pizza is certified as TRUE Napolitan pizza, and must be made in a wood fired oven, using very specific, locally produced ingredients, and a very particular technique. This certification is only for two types of pizza: margarita and marinara. As delicious as these two are, we branched out to try the various pizza specialities made by some of the world's best pizzaiolos. Hands down our favourite was star shaped, ricotta point filled pizza made by Pizzeria Da Attilio, so good that I have attempted to replicate it at home a few times already. 

Star shaped, ricotta point filled, sausage pizza (drool)

The oven our pizza was made in is mosaicked!

Not unsurprisingly, while my replication attempts have been decent, they don't begin to compare to the real thing. We're just gonna have to go back, sooner than later, because my taste buds NEED this experience all over again.