Paray le Monial

45mm diameter- Mosaic gold, filati, turquoise in sterling silver
$425 USD

Earlier this year, I had a career pinnacle moment when I took part in an exhibition in Paray le Monial, France with 11 other Canadian mosaic artists, hosted by the Maison de la Mosaique Contemporaine. Unlike many of the other exhibitions I've had a piece in before, this one was an invitational, and the exhibition was designed to showcase the best in Canadian mosaic making. I was incredibly honoured to be asked, and was amazed to find out that the exhibition was actually an historic event: never before had there been a mosaic exhibition held in Europe with no Europeans represented.

The "From Canada" exhibition had been scheduled for 2020, but for pandemic reasons, was moved to 2021. However, despite the large delay, none of the artists were able to attend the July exhibition opening in person, and so had to attend this massive career honour via Zoom. I felt very blessed to be one of the three out of the 12 of us artists who managed to get to the closing of the show in September. 

Housed in Saint-Nicholas Tower, a former parish church first consecrated in 1535, the exhibition was absolutely stunning. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful presentation of all our work. In the center of town, it was obvious that there had been thousands of people who saw the work over the summer. It was such an experience, and such an honour!

Tour Saint Nicholas, which housed the exhibition

A happy artist in front of her wall