A Lot On the Go

20mm diameter - Mosaic gold, filati in sterling silver

It's been quite a week for me! Starting with the presentation I did on Sunday, the week has been filled with workers coming and going doing construction, a variety of medical appointments (including my first dose of the Covid vaccine), and a sudden back issue that cropped up—luckily sorted out by a timely aphysiotherapy appointment.

Yes, I burst into tears when I got the vaccine, which I hear is a common response. It does give me a little light at the end of the tunnel, in particular greater hope that returning to Greece (and Kosta) is in the cards in the not too too distant future. I am one step closer to hugging my people!

I have also been working to get my sale up and running. Through Sunday, April 25, all my mosaic jewelry is 10% off! Treat yourself, or someone special to some eyecatching bling.