Looking Ahead

18mm by 13mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver

After over a year of having very little to look forward to, I hope I don't jinx it by saying I finally feel like I can look ahead with tentative hopefulness. There are a number of things on my horizon, both personally and professionally. I've learned—even more than I already had as a nomad—to roll with the punches this year. I wouldn't exactly say I do this easily, but I CAN do it. 

I have two upcoming shows this summer, one that I'm jurying, one that I am featured in, and I'm cautiously anticipating that both of them will have an official opening or closing, though I probably need to start hunting now for a mask to match my outfit. I still have work to make for one of these shows, a commission to get on, and there's always jewelry to be made. I have committed to designing some new online workshops, and I have an upcoming livestreamed interview for which to prep (I'll send out details of this when I have them). So the pace is picking up after nearly a year of creeping along!  

Physically, I think things are improving, another place for cautious optimism. While I'm still experiencing some pain on a daily basis, I am moving MUCH more easily, and I can work in small chunks. I even managed 3.5 hours of work between two sessions the other day! Given that at my best I figure 5 hours of mosaic making is a full work day (even at my best my body can't handle much more), I'm certainly getting there. 

Getting to Greece is high on the priority list, but sadly, currently out of the question. Obviously, I know I'll get there at some point this summer, but not having a set date—or even a time frame—is occasionally frustrating, for me and for Kosta. I doubt I'll be able to go until fully vaccinated, and the date for that is wildly up in the air, as here in Canada we are reliant on vaccine production from other countries, so we are a bit behind a lot of countries in out effort. Deliveries are apparently ramping up though, so I have my fingers ever crossed that I'll be getting a needle sooner than later. 

All in all, looking ahead, there is reason for hope!