In With the New

12mm diameter- Mosaic gold in sterling silver

As I write this, some folks have already rung in the New Year...some several hours ago. I think that most people are keen to see this year finished, with hopes that next year will see life become a bit easier again. Though saying this year wasn't a struggle for me would be a lie, as my nomadic life came completely crashing to a halt, my income crumbled, and I suffered from debilitating back issues, I know I still had a far easier go of it than many. Indeed, I have many people and things for which to be grateful, and many memories from 2020 that I'll treasure.

In keeping with looking ahead though, I made these earrings with a completely new style for me! These are a posted earring instead of a dangle. I've been trying for years to find a suitable base for this type of earring, and this past year, I finally did. I absolutely love how they turned out too. 

I wish the New Year to bring you whatever you are hoping for in your life, beyond your wildest dreams.