Freddo Cappuccino

18mm by 13mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver

One of the things I miss most whenever I leave Greece is my morning freddo cappucino. This is a veritable delight that cannot be confused with an iced cappucino. A freddo cappucino is iced espresso sweetened to order—"metrio" or medium for Kosta, "sketo" or no sugar for me—poured over ice and topped with foamed milk. The milk is completely foamed, when it goes into the cup, it is no longer liquid. The cafe next door and the mini market down the street now know this order, and just start preparing it when they see us coming. 

Of course, I'm a lucky, somewhat spoiled gal, and usually my sweetheart does freddo delivery in the morning, so I get to watch the foam slowly integrate into the coffee from the comfort of my bed. Truth be told, I probably miss the morning kiss from the delivery person even more than I miss the coffee while away.