Photo by Merrill Kemp

10mm by 10mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver

My dear friend Merrill recently celebrated an important number birthday. I haven't seen her in person since January, and was so sad for her that her planned bash had to be called off due to current events—Merrill does love a good party! 

So I made her this wee charm to surprise her, though getting it to her proved more challenging than anticipated. I mailed it from my Dad's in British Columbia back to my home town of Edmonton, Alberta. I decided to use a faster service to make sure it got there by the big day, instead of the regular post. There are specific forms to fill out for this service, and I was very careful to put the To and From in the correct spots. I did decide to make the return address my sister's place, also in Edmonton, as it made more sense for me to put down where I would be in the near future as the return address. 

Well, you can probably imagine what happened. I asked Merrill's husband to make sure it came in from their mailbox (as I had been notified of delivery) and it wasn't there. Finally, I had a brain wave. What if—despite having used the correct address in the correct place—it had been delivered to my sister? A quick text later, I confirmed that indeed, the post office had delivered my package to the return address. What followed was 2-3 people doing me favours to help get this wee gift to its recipient. Thank you all!

Doesn't it look good on her bracelet? It got the very last available space. And Happy Birthday Merrill!!