Olive Oil

16mm by 16mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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Since I've been going to Greece, olive oil has become a very big deal to my family and friends. I'm in big trouble if I make a return journey from Greece without a major stash of olive oil in my suitcase. I've turned them all into olive oil snobs, snobs with rules like "we only use this oil on salads, and if you cook with it, you are in crap". 

Providing this oil is no small feat for me. Glass bottles are far too heavy for my usually already overburdened luggage. Luckily, lots of Greek olive oils are also packed in aluminum bottles, which make for lighter lugging and keep me from getting overage fees. I carefully wrap them up in clothing, but owing to the weight of other things in my luggage (I'm looking at you, 7kg mosaic supply kit), they don't always arrive in pristine condition.

So then I get to present, to very willing recipients, these raggedy looking, bashed up, dented bottles of Greek olive oil. No one seems to care about the vessel condition, thankfully, because the green goodness within is so sublime. 

And luckily, since everyone is currently running out of their stash, I can now get Greek olive oil from my local Italian grocer, who has started stocking more than Italian olive oil. Phew!