Rolling in the Deep

50mm diameter - Mosaic gold, ammonite fossil, filati in sterling silver

Have I ever mentioned that one of my very favourite things to do on this planet, the one thing that never fails to make me happy, is to jump in some waves? I can practically build whole trips around it. There is something just so sublime about letting a wave lift you up, suspend you weightless for a brief moment, then gently place you back down. Or if the waves are stronger, carry you towards the shore in a blaze of foam, leaving you breathless and laughing. Truly strong waves can sometimes even take you for a bit of a tumble—check your swimsuit before you stand!—colouring the overall activity with a healthy fear that keeps any possible hubris in check.

Santorini rarely gets jump worthy waves. But earlier this week, during an adventure to an area called Monolithos, there they were: worthy waves. A very happy Margo emerged 45 minutes later.