Happy Ending

18mm by 13mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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We found the cat! It took us two and a half days, a devestating near miss, and a lot of heart wrenching moments, but we have him!

He was so confused, poor kitten. Loathe to come to us because he couldn't figure out that we could solve his problem. Didn't want to eat the food we brought to lure him out. What he did respond to, when we finally got him close (he was on the other side of a fence, amid the construction zone that is outside our building), was touch. That seemed to bring him out of his mental fog. 

When we finally got him in the apartment, he turned into cat velcro. He will not leave Lorna's side. Also prefers to be in contact with me as much as possible too. He's very much showing us that he is happy to be home with his people. And we are beyond thrilled to have him back. 

One pooped kitty!