Home for a Rest

28mm by 7 mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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How's everybody out there doing, eh? What crazy times we are in! I'm back in Canada, and have been resting after the last minute panic plus sudden 28 hour journey from Australia. 

I'm one of the lucky ones. I had a happy place to go. Since arriving, I've enjoyed giggles, wine, tv, and good food with my sister, one of my favourite humans on this planet. She worked hard, last minute, to get a room ready for me, actually injuring herself in the process and requiring eight stitches: four on each hand! What a superstar! But I am comfortable, safe, have access to exercise, have a workspace, and have envisioned a variety of amusements for myself. There is currently bread rising. 

There have been disappointments too. Flights already purchased that aren't refundable (though they have offered vouchers). My annual mosaic conference postponed, seriously diminishing my annual income. Being parted from my love for an unknown amount of time. I won't be in Greece at Easter and for my birthday. And who knows if "Project Portugal", the trip planned for my sister's 50th birthday, will go as planned. None of these are life threatening though, nor complete ruination.

On the whole, I guess I'm trying to just think of this as though the whole world, all of society, has hit the pause button. It's just a pause. Life will resume, at some point, and maybe the result is that we will all feel more "in this together". Maybe people will be kinder, gentler. What is clear is that the world will change. Let's make it a change for the better. 

And for pete's sake, stay home if you can. And wash your hands! Word on the street is that all the cool kids are sporting chapped wrists like I am. Except it's not on the street. I haven't been in the street. Guess it's pretty much just my word.