Lost in Space

50mm diameter - Mosaic gold, vintage Venetian cabochon in sterling silver
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So a couple days ago I was sent into a bit of a tizzy. A woman in a class asked if I'd received her email that she'd sent a day or two earlier. I had not. I searched everywhere. She then told me she'd simply replied to my Mosaic a Day blog newsletter, and showed me on her phone that it had, indeed, sent. I thought not much of this, things sometimes get lost, but thought I should have a look into it later.

A couple hours later, I did. I have a separate, old email that I use for the blog, because my newsletter provider has certain requirements that my usual email doesn't comply with. I then forward this old email to my usual email. So I logged into the old email and discovered for some reason, the forwarding had come off! I had missed all enquiries and responses to to my newsletter, FOR MONTHS. 


Once the sheer panic subsided, I started to wade through and respond to this massive backlog of very overdue responses, and I've figured out that the forwarding issue probably happened last May. So if you have responded to my blog newsletter since May 2019, and received no response, welcome to the reason why.

So this Space Cadet is very embarrassed, annoyed, and frustrated with herself. The problem is now fixed, thankfully, and I know what the signs would be if the forwarding issue were to repeat itself. And to all of those folks who wrote me and whose emails were lost in space, I am SO sorry. There is so much egg on my face right now I could open a breakfast diner. 

(And a big thanks to Margi who inadvertently discovered a major problem for me! Who knows how long that could have gone on if she hadn't made that comment?)