14mm by 10mm- Mosaic gold in sterling silver
$200 USD

Coming from Canada, I've seen some pretty extreme weather. I've seen snow in every month in my hometown except for July at some point in my life. I've seen temperatures down to -40℃, but with wind so it feels even colder (but it's a dry cold, so it's not so bad, right?).

But I have NEVER seen the sort of weather that Newfoundland has experienced this week. They received over 1 metre of snow, which came down in 157km per hour winds. People were literally snowed into their houses. Cars were under multiple feet of snow. Leave your sunroof open a crack? Congratulations, your car is now full of snow. Hope you brought the shovel and a large garbage bin inside the house, because you now have to shovel yourself OUT of your house. There are not enough painkillers and bottles of whisky in the world to handle the muscle pain that every person there currently has from shovelling snow. 

And yet, the Newfoundlanders have handled it with their usual good humour, despite the declared state of emergency going on 4 days now. They've build igloos (with pretend refrigerators for beer). They've built bonfires on the main bar street in town and threw a party. They've made parody videos and created memes. My hat's off to you, Newfoundland. Way to keep your cool! (Pun unfortunately intended.)

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