It's All Greek to Me

12mm by 12mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver

So there's a bit of an embarrassing reason that I haven't learned much Greek until now, beyond the fact that English is widely spoken in my usual Santorini haunts. Frankly, I've been intimidated. For some reason, learning Greek seemed intellectually beyond me. 

If you know me personally at all, you will immediately understand how ludicrous this is. I'm not talking regular garden variety ludicrous, I'm talking "wow Margo, have you been hit over the head?" ludicrous. I could have easily gotten into any university program I wanted. I was in the top 1% of students in every school I attended. I come from a family of crazily smart people.  I have even studied 4 languages in the past, not counting English. One of those languages was ANCIENT GREEK. While I can't personally say that languages come easily to me—others might beg to disagree here—there is big fat ZERO reason I can't learn modern Greek.

Being intimidated is a funny thing, because it's not logical. I mean, it's illogical for a smart woman who loves learning new things to be afraid to learn something. But believing you can do something is the first step to actually achieving it. So eventually, I had to pull out my big guns, the use-only-in-emergency self help phrase: Margo, stupider people than you have done this.

* A couple people have asked what app I'm using to learn. After geting bored of Duolingo, and finding Rosetta stone expensive and not as useful for basic phrases, I'm using Drop, which makes it a bit of a game. Unless I pay, however, I only get 5 minutes a day for free, but if I refer a friend I get 20 free minutes. So if you're in the market to learn a few words of another language, whether for travel or personal improvement, please use my code to download the app and help a gal out!

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