...Beer Budget

15mm by 10mm mosaic - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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So how do I live this wacky life? A couple of ways. I visit places and people for extended periods of time (my sister, for example, gets a "housewife" for a couple months a year), and when I do travel, I do it on the cheap, picking cheaper places. Last year, when I went to Sri Lanka, I spent about the same in a month of travel as renting a two bedroom apartment with the associated bills in my home town. In Sri Lanka, this got me a room in a guesthouse, 2-3 meals a day, one of which was usually seafood, bus and train transportation and a few beers. In other places, and generally when travelling solo, my budget has me staying in hostels, which have changed A LOT since my first Europe trip in 1994. Strangely, they don't actually cost that much more than they did back then! For a few small sacrifices, I can travel longer, to more places. And when I DO get to have private accommodation or an expensive meal, I REALLY enjoy it. I might love champagne, but at the same time, nothing beats an ice cold beer with a sea view. My enjoyment of that view is the same as someone who spends three times as much to see it.