Slow Burn

28mm by 7mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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In my "Better Than Ever" blog post, I mentioned in passing that I'd fallen in love. I know this sort of thing is different every time, but this time it was REALLY different. I was careful. I was unsure. I wasn't ready. I likely drove the poor man crazy. I did not jump in with both feet for months. In an effort to not be won over by sweet words with nothing behind them, a classic Margo move that has generally lead to my heart broken, I "listened" mainly to his actions.

We haven't been able to decide if he was consistently persistant, or persistantly consistent, but day by day, he showed up. Day by day, he showed me how he felt about me, showed me what kind of man he is. The actions matched the words. And so,little by little, a slow burn rather than a fiery flash, I found myself in love. 

He still shows me every day. ❤️