Routine Sweetness

14mm diameter - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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I have heaps of change in my life. I write about it. I seek it out. I thrive on it. But even a change junkie likes myself need the occasional break. Sometimes, even I need a routine. 

I am currently in the middle of a really delicious one. The beauty of my life is I can plan my routine spectacularly. Currently, my day, my everyday, looks like this.

I wake naturally, usually between 7:30-8:30am. I get up and go for the same breakfast at the same place: pumpkin cheese roti and coffee, served by the beaming young Dewmi. Her effervescent smile promises of a good day to come. Then I mosaic, usually 3-4 hours, at the communal outdoor area at my hotel. The woman of the family who owns it always comes to admire and chat. Yesterday it was how the unrest in parliament has kept tourists away. Today it was how many girlfriends her dog has. I can't wait for tomorrow's topic. I think she admires my work ethic. 

After I pack up, I go to the beach, sitting at the same beach bar each day. I don't know what it's called. I call it the Green Umbrella Bar in my head. They know me now. I don't know any names, but one calls me Miss Canada. Depending on my mood and the weather and the time, I swim or not. I then drink 1.5L of water, followed by a beer. I will blog, or other business admin. A video chat happens too.

Dinner presents the largest challenge and decision. The food here is very good. I have found 4 restaurants of excellent caliber, and have decided to indulge myself a bit. The usual question is prawns, crab, or tuna, followed by where. This is a difficult decision, though as my time here comes all to soon to a finish I find this being somewhat more planned so that favourite dishes can be had for a final time.

By the time I leave here, I'll have had ten days of this. While I suspect I'd balk at doing this everyday for the rest of my life, I am thoroughly enjoying this fleeting routine of mine.