Tropical Storm

14mm by 10mm - Mosaic gold, smalti in sterling silver
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Some tropical locations don't always have an ironclad "rainly season". The West and some of South Sri Lanka is susceptible to rain year round. On the positive side, this keeps everything so deliciously green; on the negative side, I've had to buy an umbrella.

The problem with an umbrella is, well, you have to remember to bring it. However, you will only have this problem once. On the evening the umbrella was left behind, it began to rain. Really rain. Torrents of rain. I'd say it was raining cats and dogs, but if it were, the spay and neuter issue would be too great deal with and it would be Planet of the Apes, but with canines and felines. 

We thought, okay, it will ease up, let's have another drink and wait it out. So one drink turned into two, and we finally realized easing up just wasn't on the menu. Alright, we'd run for it. 

I have never been so wet in my life. I have been in a bathtub and been less wet. I have gone swimming in the ocean, and that was a comparatively dry experience. My family has a old joke about a particular rain shower that "was a dry rain". This was not a dry rain. We arrived back at the guesthouse dripping. I have turned on faucets and gotten less water flow than my body had that night.

I have never forgotten the umbrella again.