Drop Dead Legs

30mm by 30mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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This is Blythe; long time reader, first time blogger. I'm the guest writer today because, well, it just makes sense that I tell this story.

So here's the thing: Margo has great legs. Like, I'm talking model-in-a-magazine great legs. Just like when when we say someone has 'great hair' or 'great lips', we can all picture what 'great legs' look like. Stems. Pins. Gams. Whatever you want to call 'em, Margo's got 'em and they are great. Now, I have told her this for years. Margo 'didn't see it' until about a year ago. She sent me a photo of her legs one day back in June, 2017, with the caption: I see it now. Since then, she has continued to send me photos of her legs, in various positions and situations: beach legs, bed legs, bath legs, boat legs. Couch legs, balcony legs, deck legs. Legs in jeans, legs in leggings. Single leg. Even grape stomping legs! We call these 'Leg Photos'.

So, when my brother Hamish and I traveled down to upper Egypt at the end of April, I took some of Margo's jewelry with me to take photos 'on location'. Seeing some great hieroglyph legs at the Hatshepsut (or as we like to call it, Hot Cheap Soup) temple in Luxor, I had to do an obligatory 'leg photo'. So now you not only know the story behind this photo, you know the story of Margo's great legs.
The original leg photo