Bruised But Not Broken

45mm by 15mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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I love to jump in waves that roll in off a sea, an endless amusement. I love to get tossed about, sometimes with just a touch of danger, getting a bit battered, bruised, but always standing up laughing (after adjusting the bikini to make sure no one gets an unexpected peep show). I love to catch a wave just so and body surf into the shore. When I find good waves⏤not too tame, not too raucous⏤I can stay out there until I'm a prune-y, salty mess. 

Unlike those happy, carefree waves, he came thundering down on my soul, unceasingly. But you see, I have practice and experience with waves, and I can ride them. So while I may have gotten caught in the undertow for a while, I'm back up on my feet, bikini sorted, a few bruises, but far from broken.