When Life Hands You Lemons

30mm diameter - Mosaic gold, filati, freshwater pearls in sterling silver
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Life hands everyone figurative lemons sometimes. No one breezes through life, everything always fine. Life is supposed to be messy, have plot twists, present strife. How we handle those moments defines us as people. Do we make proverbial lemonade? Or do we let those lemons rot and fester on our countertops? 

I like to think that when life handed me a lemon, a few years back, I cut that sucker into wedges and served it up with a couple much needed shots of tequila. If you had asked the bewildered woman standing there with a yellow citrus fruit in 2014 where it would get her 4 years down the road, she would have been amazed to know that she would spend all that time nomadic, calling multipe countries home, and finding all sorts of crazy amazing things to do to make it happen. So my take away from that is: When life hands you lemons, don't despair...hang on for the ride!