Life Giving

28mm by 7 mm- Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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My best friend Blythe donated blood for the first time on Valentine's Day. Her father, a 318 time donor, was really proud of her, as was I. In Egypt, the donations are measured by weight, and she gave 400 grams (a little under 1lb). 

I can't give blood, as I have had malaria, a fact that I've always felt vaguely bad about. But what I can do is urge people to donate blood if they are able. I am writing this sitting next to a student who was in a car accident last summer, and had he not received blood he would have died. He has only managed to return to school in the past month...and the first thing he did upon returning to school was organize a blood drive and pay it forward. Well done Tarek! If you can donate, please do.