Here and Now

16mm by 16mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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If I've gotten used to anything over my last few years on the road, it's uncertainty. On any given day, I wake up to a life plan of varying length. Sometimes I'm fortunate that I have a life plan with work and locations mapped out months in advance, and sometimes I'm not; my longest such plan in the last 5 years was 9-10 months, my shortest, mere weeks. The 9 month plan, naturally, had a major upset, necessitating a return to a shorter plan. 

What all this uncertainty has done, besides keep me on my toes, is made me live more in the present. Everything I plan, everything I anticipate, or hope, or dread, may never come to pass, and quite honestly, probably won't, at least not in the way I foresee it. Life usually has other plans. Despite my increasing comfort with uncertainty, I am still unceasingly amazed how one's life can be so thoroughly changed in mere minutes. As such, I strive my best to live in the here and now.