30mm by 15mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver (adjustible)
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So I have just finished my annual conference with the Society of American Mosaic Artists, this year located in Detroit, Michigan. I have, as usual, come away with new friends and a renewed interest in what I do, and have now headed to the other side of the USA to California to work on commissions and start a small spring teaching tour.

It's short notice, but here are the dates:

May 19/20: Mosaic a Day 
Los Osos, Central Coast California at Left Coast Art Studio. More Information

May 26-28: Micromosaics
Tucson, AZ at Di Mosaico. More Information

June 2-4: Tucson Mixed Media - Working with Stone, Smalti, Minerals, and Gems
Tucson, AZ at Di Mosaico. More Information

Hope to see some of you in my classes!