Endeavours - SOLD

14mm by 10mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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I'd like to announce a new endeavour I have, an online class through Mosaic Arts Online. This website has numerous excellent mosaic making tutorials taught by a variety of instructors. I will say that filming was an interesting, and laugh inducing adventure, but I'm ultimately pleased with the result! In my class, Smalti Mosaic Jewelry, you can learn how to make mosaic jewelry using the handmade Italian enamelled glass known as smalti. From what adhesive to use, to chosing a base, to how to cut smalti very small, you will learn what you need to make a piece from start to finish. While not as comprehesive as taking my full workshop in person, it can certainly get you started making mosaic jewelry if I haven't made it to your area to teach. 

Also, I know the past couple weeks of posts have not had any available eye candy, but I promise that next week I will be posting brand new work!