Apple Red

18mm by 13mm - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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Small kindnesses can mean everything at times. Recently, as I was leaving a friend's place, I asked if I could take a bottle of water, as one cannot drink the tap water here, and I had none in my room at my hotel. In addition to the water, I was not allowed to leave without a lovely apple and a mandarin, both grown on Crete, which has some of the finest produce in the world. This kind gesture meant so much to me, as during the winter here on Santorini not much is open, and the rich pies served by the bakeries one of my few breakfast options, but difficult on my jet lagged and anxious stomach. Thank you Ingmar!


I haven`t thought about using mosaic as a decorative in jewelry. Nice work. You need to make matching earrings to these.
Margo Anton said…
There is a pair that match published previously, called Changes that would match. I do make matching earrings to most of my pendants, but I publish and sell the pieces separately, not as sets.