Sisters of Mercy Project: Liz

28mm by 18mm- Mosaic gold in sterling silver

So as you've probably surmised, Liz and I have a pretty special friendship. It began with a simple heart felt email on her part, and suddently we were sending each other novella length emails about all aspects of our lives. It took about 9 months but we finally met in person in April. There has been a bit of a joke about her being my stalker--all in jest, of course--because she knows all the details of my past pieces better than I do! She'll ask me to make a piece similar to this one, or that one, referring to it by its name on the blog. Most of the time, I have to go look it up to know which one she's referring to! Anyways, she's always been in love with Santo Sunset. So when I took on this project, I knew I somehow had to make her pendant look as close to it as possible. Hope you're enjoying it, Liz.