Abundance - SOLD

65mm by 20mm - Mosaic gold, filati, freshwater pearls in sterling silver

I've had a few folks who have written me, mentioning their dismay that so much of my work is sold even before it is posted. I admittedly try to balance my time between working on commissions and doing pieces that are in my head needing to get out. In case I haven't said it before, if something you like is already spoken for, I am more than thrilled to created you something similar, and maybe even more to your taste.

Case in point, this piece was created on commission for dear friend of mine who purchased a pendant similar to this one some years ago. Wanting a gift for a good friend, she decided to ask me to make something like the one she already has.

If you have been thinking of requesting a custom piece, please give me as much warning as possible. With my nomadic lifestyle, I don't always have access to a suitable workspace, so can't always accommodate "rush" requests.