Near Miss - SOLD

5" by 5" - Mosaic gold, smalti 

I'm BAAACK!!! It seems ages since I've posted. The last two months saw me hectically dashing through out the States and Canada to various teaching gigs. I taught 6 weekends in a row! Almost immediately afterwards, I headed to Europe for a mix of vacation and studio time. I'm currently in Tuscany, enjoying the sunshine, wine, food, and company of my friend Corinna Butler, whose wonderful glass work is sold at her shop Vitrium in Volterra.

The piece I've posted today was my salon piece at the SAMA conference all the way back on March 13th. The wonderful Kim Wiese was the lucky bidder, and I just love this photo of us. 
I hope I get a chance this year to make a few more of these pieces in my "shag carpet" technique. But while on the road, the jewelry is the easiest to haul around, so it's what I focus on. I'm really proud that I've gotten my travel kit down to under 15 lbs--the earlier 26 lb one was a monster.