Chance Encounter--SOLD

5" by 5" - Mosaic gold, smalti

My "shag rug" piece that I posted yesterday attracted a fair bit of attention when it was up for auction at the Mosaic Salon at the Society of American Mosaic Artists' conference in Philadephia. As a result, a dear friend commissioned me to "make him something". This was the product of that request, and both he and I are pleased with the outcome. 

It should be noted that these wee shag rugs do push the limits of "Mosaic a Day". While I could technically create these in a day, it would be one heckuva long one! So generally I stretch the creation of these out over several days, particularly the cutting, which takes an insanely long time. After cutting, each of the matchsticks is carefully selected for size, colour, and shape. As I place it, I then have to decide on angle and rotation. As a result, every tiny piece represents a minimum of 5 decisions I've had to make. 

No wonder my sister can't believe I do what I do for a living...