Nostalgia for Two--SOLD

14mm by 10mm - Mosaic gold, smalti in sterling silver
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Ordinarily I listen to music in whatever studio I'm currently occupying while I create mosaics. I don't tend towards silence, as I have had a bit of tinnitus lately, and silence can end up annoying as a result.

However, this pair of earrings was created under uncommon circumstances, during a Skype visit with an old friend, Joel Finnestad. He now lives in Taiwan, and happened to message me out of the blue shortly before I went into the studio, which was rather late at night for him. The messages soon turned into a Skype call, but not wanting to skip out on my workday, I simply took him into the studio with me. The following several hours involved plenty of catching up, reminiscing, scheming, and yes, singing. Thanks for the great time, Joel. Whatever beauty these earrings have is partly your doing.