Silver Linings--SOLD

1.2mm diameter each - Mosaic gold in sterling silver
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Happy New Year!  I apologize for taking so long to get back in my groove, but I'm now established at one of my temporary studios, and I have a full 6 weeks to play. So the daily postings return!

The tesserae in these very silver earring are made entirely of mosaic gold manufactured by Mosaici Dona Murano, located in Venice, Italy. Their lovely product is carried by di Mosaico, located in Tucson. You may remember I spent some time at the di Mosaico store in November. Well, I'm pleased to announce I will be headed back to Tucson and di Mosaico at the end of March, this time to teach. Best of all, I'll be teaching not only my "Precision Mosaic Jewelry " workshop April 3-4, but also a brand new class, "Tucson Mixed Media: Marble, Smalti, and Found Gems" the previous weekend, March 27-29. The links will take you to the classes where you can find out all the information.