Peachy Keen--SOLD

18mm by 13mm - Mosaic Gold, Smalti in sterling silver
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Despite being one of my most popular pendant shapes, I will say these teeny ovals are a bit of a pain. Every single edge piece has to be very carefully shaped to lay perfectly against the wall of the mounting. If you've ever cut glass at this size, you'll know just how difficult it is.  Often I have to cut a piece multiple times before I get the perfect piece. And just when I think the next cut will be THE one, the glass speck I'm attempting to cut crumbles into even smaller dust. Some days the experience is an exercise in frustration.

But it's just all part of my painstaking process.  I aim to create the best quality I possibly can, every day, with no shortcuts. M3 Gallery has just posted a blog article about this facet of my jewelry. After years of blogging about my own work, it's a huge thrill to have someone else chime in!