Bluesy Jazz--SOLD

16mm square - Orsoni mosaic gold in sterling silver
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You may or may not have noticed I occasionally put the word "Orsoni" in the materials in association with the mosaic gold.  For those of you who aren't familiar with mosaic materials, mosaic gold is a type of glass with embedded 24k gold leaf.  It's made by manufacturers of another mosaic material, smalti, and is sometimes therefore called gold smalti. The gold leaf is put on a thick layer of glass, topped with an extremely thin piece of mouth blown glass, which can be either clear or coloured.  This "sandwich" is then put through the furnace to fuse all the layers together permanently. 

Almost every piece of jewelry I make contains at least some of this mosaic gold.  I have a fairly decent stash of the stuff, and am always attempting to find new colours, whether by acquiring vintage mosaic. However, my favourite to use is the Orsoni mosaic gold as it cuts so beautifully and they have incredible, vibrant colours, not just the traditional white and natural golds. So when I use only Orsoni golds in a piece, I like to mention just who it is who provided my beautiful materials.