Blue Golds--SOLD


65mm by 20mm- Orsoni Mosaic Gold in Sterling Silver
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Surprise!  I'm back in action.  Many of you may not know that I've taken up a gypsy's life and am currently wandering the globe while making mosaics.  Of course, a mosaic artist's materials are not necessarily the most travel friendly, so I've made the decision to focus on jewelry for the next while.  I hope to be able to create the occasional small art mosaic as well, depending on the studio set up.  My first nomadic studio is just lovely!

I also wanted to mention a huge honour that the Institute of Mosaic Art has bestowed upon me.  A number of weeks back they began a "Mosaic Workout" blog, inspired by Mosaic  a Day.  Each week they pick a theme, and participants create a small mosaic along the theme's lines. I was the guest theme creator for Week 16, and based my theme on my "Swept Floor".  I can't get over how truly lovely some of these little mosaics are. It's definitely worth an hour or two to peruse these wee mosaics and read the stories of their creation.  I'm scheduled to teach a jewelry class at IMA in March, and I can't wait

Off to create tomorrow's eye candy!