Kinda Zebra Pendant

18mm by 13mm- Filati, mosaic gold set in sterling silver
Email to Purchase at $70

It might be difficult to tell from the photo, but all of the area of black stripes is actually tiny threads of glass known as filati.  It's certainly not the fastest way to fill in an area, but I love the effect.  Each piece must be scored, broken off of a longer thread, then up ended into a putty.  Eventually I want to learn to "pull" my own filati, but for now I have been using some produced by Antonella Gallenda of Orsoni, as well as some from Mosaic Tools.

I should just mention that if you are interested in this, or any of the other pendants I'm posting, you can just drop me an email and I'll take it from there. If you don't want the chain that comes with it (I've got both 16" and 18" chains) let me know and I'll take $10.00 off the price.