"The Reds of Nature"

6" by 6"- Marble, garnet, calcite, zippumite, obsidian and other red rocks and stones
So I guess this week is about working with natural elements.  After a couple more, I'll be thrilled to get back to glass.  Might have to make about five glass only mosaics after this, just to settle the score.  Moreover, I'm enjoying these "variations on a theme" that I'm working on.  I suspect I'll create a few more themes in the not too distant future to work on.


Eric said…
Oh, do you have any cinnabar in there? That is a favorite, and hard to find because it's the ore of mercury, so everyone gets all worried about poison and stuff.

But it's red. A glorious frescos of Pompeii red.
Margo Anton said…
No idea if there is cinnabar. Admittedly, I don't know exactly what everything is. But the red swoop surrounding the central rock is REALLY red, so maybe?