"Happy Holidays"

6" by 5" - Mirror, glass, mosaic gold, ribbon, cut styrofoam ball

This is my sign off mosaic for the year, so that I can enjoy the holidays to the fullest.  I'll be picking up the project again in the New Year.  From a technical standpoint, it was interesting to use the strips of stained glass as the background--may have to try this again.  Also, this is the first (and possibly the last) time I've used hot glue in a the construction of a mosaic.

Thanks to everyone for following my crazy project and blog this year.  I'd like to wish everyone a safe and very happy holiday. 


Blythe said…
WOW! Just beautiful, Margo! With every piece, you continue to impress and amaze... well done! Love the ribbon - excellent finishing touch! I look forward to following your blog again in the New Year! Merry Christmas, girl!