"Ground Control to Major Tom" *- SOLD

* With apologies to David Bowie
7" by 7" - Dichroic glass and thingies, metal thingies, semi precious stone
Those who know me well, know I have a very silly side. I usually curtail it for my artwork, but today it had to come out. So I present a very silly mosaic.
Having said that, I asked all my mosaic friends to bring me weird things to put in my daily mosaics. I suspect that some of the items were a bit of a joke, but I intend to dutifully use them all. This piece features a couple of the more unusual items.


Keltie said…
Margo, this is so very cool! (The title reminds me of the piece I did for my sister a few years ago entitled "Starry Night" with apologies to Van Gogh.) I really like the moonscape-y look to this piece. Excellent use of the bits and bots you've collected.