"I Walk the Line" - SOLD

5" by 8" - Obsidian, slag glass, marble, mosaic gold, eco smalti, pearls
Thank you everyone for your comments on yesterday's piece. Yes, I can be a bit hard on myself at times, but I'm a firm believer that self critique leads to improvement. It was a much better day in the studio, and I'm pretty fond of this piece. I can't believe how this marble and the eco smalti coordinate. You almost can't tell which is which.
On a side note, I came up from doing this mosaic, and asked my husband what we should do with the rest of the day. We decided to paint the bathroom, at 3:00pm. So it's 10:30pm, I'm covered in paint, and we only have the primer on. We have only one bathroom....it's gonna be a late night.


Nancie said…
Great use of interesting and surprisingly compatible materials. Hard-edged, earth-made and man-made glass meets smooth sensuous pearl amidst comforting background. The result is rich and engaging for me. (Am I channeling my inner Bruno Tombioni here?) Perhaps this is a thread you should pursue? On another note, this one makes me really jealous of your "stash".
Unknown said…
Make that two of us who are jealous of your stash. There are objects you are using that I've never even heard of before. haha

Thank you so much, Margo...You are an inspiration!