"Something Better" - SOLD

6" by 7" - Pyrite Sun (broken), mosaic gold, stained glass

I'll admit, this sun came to me broken, actually, I ordered it broken. Putting gold in between "fool's gold" just seemed natural to me. Then I sat back and realized, "Hey, life's like that." So often in life we are upset to have something beautiful "broken", like relationships, jobs, or a favorite teacup, but just as often something even more beautful arises from the ashes of the break. I usually find that this new thing is something better than what I was holding on to, just as the gold is "more precious" than the fool's gold. Maybe the desire to create something beautiful out of something broken is why I am drawn to this crazy art form.

On a technical note, I really struggled with the background for this one. Nothing seemed to work. Let me know what you think.


Pam Givens said…
I like this one very much. And I like what you've written about it and yes isn't life like that often.

I think the back ground is very nice and I see it fitting in well with the message you've given to this mosaic.

Nice job.