"Red Tree"- SOLD

6" by7" - Eco Smalti, marble rocks

Okay, this is a huge departure for me, unlike anything I've ever created. But, I had this idea last night, and it wouldn't let go, so I decided to try it out. Unusually, it also is very close to how I pictured it, with the exception of the thinset being just a tetch too dark. Most of the time, when I have an idea in my head, the reality of the mosaic is so different, but this time, I came very close.


Unknown said…
Oh my goodness Margo!! This is unbelievably beautiful! Every time I log on to your site, I think "no, THIS is my favourite one!" I've said that now about 5 times... but seriously, THIS time is it!! Good for you sweetheart - it's stunning.